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We build
honest applications

Applications that don't steal, leak, and sell personal user information.

  • Supporting libraries for common IoT technologies

    Bluetooth Smart (BLE), TCP/UDP IP networking over WiFi, ethernet and Bluetooth Classic.

  • Wearable apps

    The right complement for your smartphone app is here. Track your health, type a quick text, plot the next date, stay unstoppable with HonestAbe Wearable Apps.

  • Beacon apps

    Expand your business' reach and lead the pack the HonestAbe way. With our Beacon Apps, you can reward your customer, providing them the best deals and the most exclusive scoop.

  • Google glass apps

    HonestAbe brings back the future of unparalleled navigation with Google Glass Apps. Now, you never have to miss any crucial information or recorded videos of important meetings.

Our Expertise


About Us

We are a mobile application development company that builds innovative and intuitive applications for iOS, Android, IoT, and wearables.

Our goal is to build mobile applications that help revolutionize how individual people and organizations live their lives. We put in a lot of thought and effort into every step of our development process to produce efficient and impressive applications.



Our company has been developing mobile applications for healthcare companies such as Meditab Software, Inc., SuiteRx, and MedVision. We developed our first mobile application called IMSGo in 2013. Our partnership has revolutionized the way healthcare services are administered in the United States.

We are continually expanding our reach to various different markets beyond health care.

What Makes Us Different

Because we value integrity, we make sure that our applications do not steal, leak, and sell user information.

You'd be surprised by how many free applications out there are earning money by capitalizing on the information that they've gathered on you. It is estimated that 30% of free mobile applications are gathering and selling their users' personal information. These include even applications that you can find in Google Play and Apple's App Store.

At HonestAbeApps, we promise only honest-to-goodness service. If you want awesome mobile applications that are secure and reliable, we are the right team for you.

Top Downloads

IMS Patient App

IMS Patient App helps patients enjoy the features of the Meditab patient portal software in the palms of their hands. With IMS Patient App, patients can manage their health records, appointments, prescription refill requests, and bills. Patients can also use the app to communicate with the clinic and generate a barcode for the clinic's Auto Check-In kiosk.


IMSGo helps providers and clinic staff view clinical information and perform clinical tasks without logging on to the Meditab practice automation system in their computers. IMSGo can also be synchronized with IMSWear to help providers see their weekly schedule and the patients who are waiting for them in the clinic.

Meditab Employee Management

Meditab Employee Management (MEM) helps employees of Meditab, Inc. manage their daily work activities. The application also helps them manage leaves, order food, and know their colleagues.


Coming Soon...

IMS Patient App
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Key Offerings

What we offer are simple, efficient, reliable, and honest applications that do the job and more. Our versatile team of developers builds applications for multiple different operating systems and devices.

  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Wearables
  • IoT
  • UI/UX
  • Enterprise Mobility

iOS Application Development

iOS applications have a huge and ever-increasing market. With its dedicated user-base, iOS applications are always in demand. With our expertise in cutting-edge iOS technology stacks, we can help you build the iOS application that you want.

iPad Application Development

Because of its size and functionality, the iPad is a great platform for applications. At HonestAbeApps, we create applications that allow users to fully enjoy the functionalities and benefits of iPads. We can build different kinds of iPad applications for you—from business process management to other kinds of productivity applications.

Android Application Development

With millions of Android users worldwide, it is not a surprise that the market for Android applications is booming. We can build high-performance applications that are compatible with all kinds of Android devices.

Wearables Application Development

Our expertise extends to wearable applications as well. We develop wearable applications that help users access information more quickly and efficiently.

Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development

In keeping up with the rising trend of smart systems, we make intelligent and robust applications that work very well with IoT devices. Our IoT applications are not only efficient but also secure.

UI/UX Design

Our expertise in UI/UX design has been tried and tested. We combine modern design techniques with the latest design tools to create a fluid and satisfying user experience.

Enterprise Mobility

Like IoT, enterprise mobility is a rising trend in various organizations. Our developers are more than capable of keeping up with the trend. We build enterprise mobility management (EMM) applications that improve both organizational efficiency and employee productivity.